Bill Dwyer


Bill Dwyer has a first-rate mind and first-rate research skills which allow him to prepare thorough, well documented presentations. He is able to boil down to understandable messages complicated issues that get to the important points that people can understand and need to know. That’s what he did for us in presenting on the national health reform legislation...and he did it all in a very balanced way.

Larry Sartoris, President
Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association - Richmond, VA

Our Board members were impressed with your keynote address at our recent Trustee Advance. Our trustees, executive staff and physicians gave you high marks for your ability to take the topic of sustainability in health care from a macro level and relate it to our unique circumstances and strategic plan. Your address was so thought provoking and engaging that several attendees have commented to me that they have gone forward and done independent research on the topic.

Thomas A. Selden, President & CEO
Southwest General Health Center - Middleburg Heights, OH

Bill Dwyer is an especially knowledgeable health care strategist and a gifted speaker.  His recent work with our Board of Trustees could not have been more timely or better focused.  Bill has my unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement for both consulting and speaking engagements.

Marc Smith, Ph. D., President
Missouri Hospital Association – Jefferson City , MO

Dwyer presented to a broad section of CEOs and their Boards from our surrounding region.  They had no formal affiliation with one another, so a knowledgeable speaker was essential to keep them interested and focused on health care issues and challenges.  It was obvious from the audience's questions that they were active listeners and engaged in the topics presented. I  would recommend this speaker for a Board retreat where future strategies are going to be discussed and dealt with.

Lowell Kruse, CEO
Heartland Health – St. Joseph , MO

Like Wayne Gretsky, Bill Dwyer has an  uncanny ability of knowing 'where the puck is going to be.' Bill shares his insights in a concise, logical, and entertaining manner, and his presentations help clarify the disruptive change that is all around us.

Frank D. Byrne, MD, President
St. Mary's Hospital - Madison, WI

Our Health System Board Members and Physician Leaders were very impressed with your speeches at two of our annual Board Forum meetings.  Your ability to present global industry issues and connect them to the pressing matters within hospital operations was invaluable.  We heard many positive comments about how thought provoking your keen observations of our industry were.   Your rich sharing of perspectives on business strategy issues and clinical impact is a perfect compliment to our ongoing internal discussions.

Phil Newbold, President & CEO
Memorial Hospital & Health System-South Bend, IN

Bill's comments and vision reinforced our decision to move aggressively into the era of Electronic Medical Records with emphasis on improving quality and ensuring patient safety. We very much appreciated his presentation to our Medical Executive Staff, Board and Executive team. 

David Strong, President & CEO
Rex Healthcare, Inc. - Raleigh, NC